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These are some of the collections I have worked on as a 1st & 2nd year student.

Hope you like them!

Activewear collection-Menswear.jpg

Tech pack skills with adobe illustrator.

accesory moodboard.jpg

This collection is an inspiration that I took from  Karin Wästlund and Alexander Semenov. Karin paints the colors in a way that is highly attractive to the viewer's eyes, which is where I got my inspiration. So, using her as my influence as well as that motivation, I wanted to create something incredibly original. If we look at her paintings, they are strangely inspired by the oceans, seashells, or anything lovely found beneath the sea. I adore how the color at the margins of her strokes has a metallic sheen and a color like blue. Alexander is an underwater photographer that takes photos of the elements under the sea. I have specifically taken inspiration from the beauty of jellyfishes.

mood of biofabrics.jpg

Summer has arrived, and I wanted to highlight the tropical weather and flower motifs. Summer's grace and femininity are felt. 


As part of a college assignment, we had to create an autumn/winter collection for the RIVEA brand. Visit their website at to learn more. They primarily market swimwear apparel, but we were given the opportunity to collaborate with them on A/W-inspired pieces. The essence of the brand's identity is its classic, old-money aesthetic. Soon, one of the outfits from this collection will be produced.

inside out beauty moodboard.jpg

This is a sustainable collection in which we had to find out a mindset that underlies a specific global event. I chose child labor in the mica industry as my topic to address the harsh situations they go through(for more info on it  just to make a consumer feel pretty in the end. It was really devastating to watch those children go through immense pain. So, I have drawn inspiration from inside-out beauty to approach the situation in a very relatable manner.


Out she goes to a world that is already turning out to be a little dystopian, trying to face the challenges in this injustice world, she feels like she has a path to complete her way through to various tempestuous adventures to make her feel strong , powerful and experiencing so many other things she could live upto. A journey quite thrilling , yet dangerous of the consequences nature can give to oneself. 


Taking inspirations from birch trees which represents new growth and beginnings I thought of relating my collection as to how a person would want to experience a change for themselves at a certain period of time.


My intention was to create a grunge romantic atmosphere by enhancing the emotions behind the cliché "My heart beats for you," but on a darker, more violent note. I created the idea as a pun for Valentine's Day because, well, why not? ;)

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